Writing Prompt Wednesday

The other day, my friend Sarah and I were talking over Avocado Toast – but let’s be honest, when am I NOT having Avocado Toast? Fine. You caught me. I rarely have Avocado Toast, but I love it, so when I have it, it is memorable.

Anyway, Sarah (you can find more about her at www.sarahdmaynard.com and on Twitter at @SarahDMaynard) and I were talking about ways to stretch our noodle, grease up the thinking gears, rattle the ole coconut… in other words think of ways to write more stories. We decided to check in with each other on a weekly basis and give each other a three-word prompt to get things cooking.

And then, from out of nowhere, our friend Elizabeth (you can find more about her at www.onesweetwriter.com and on Twitter at @OneSweetWriter and @epagelhogan) popped in and said, “You should put that on twitter.”

So in the giving spirit of the season, let me present:

Sarah and Kelly’s Weekly Wednesday Three Word Prompt for Kidlit Writers!



We’ll pick three words, some random, some not so random, but there will be three and post them on Twitter for you brain jolting pleasure. And hopefully, just like avocado + bread + eggs created the perfection that is Avocado Toast, we’ll help you find three things that create kidlit gold.

We’ll see you on Twitter starting today.

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Happy writing!

Kelly and Sarah (though Sarah may not want to be associated with the randomness of this particular blog post.)

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