Blogging Waters

It appears that I have sufficiently neglected my website for nearly a year. Now it is time to try something new… I’m going to brave the blogging waters.

Cue: JAWS Music (click here)

selective photo of gray shark


Luckily, because of said neglect, I have only one tried and true follower at this time (Hi, Carole!) so I’m going to take this opportunity to really play around.

What you’ll find here

I love making people happy, so that is what I’m going to blog about. Things that make me happy, that will hopefully make you happy. My absolutely positively favorite thing in the WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE is making a child laugh, so I’ve spent the past 5 years reading, studying, and practicing writing picture books. I’ll be sure to write about that on here as well as life as the mother of two boys. (No, you can’t find my books anywhere yet, but thanks for asking.*)

I plan on throwing a few posts up on the wall to make this site worth Carole’s time, and then continue to post at a strictly sporadic pace.

Ta ta for now,




*Notice I said “yet.” I’m attempting to manifest my destiny.  So yes, you’ll be getting a bit of that kind of stuff here too.

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