Yucky (a poem) & Updates

First, a Poem:


@2022 Kelly Conroy

I’m shaky and achy

and fighting a cough.

My nose is a faucet.

I can’t turn it off.

I’m freezing and sneezing

and feverish, too.

I’m feeling so yucky,

I must have the flu.

No biking or hiking,

or swimming — instead,

I get to stay home

and relax in my bed!

Photo by Pixabay on <a href="https://www.pexels.com/photo/apartment-bed-carpet-chair-269141/" rel="nofollow">Pexels.com</a>
So far, I feel good, but things are definitely going around. I hope you are staying healthy!

Second, an update:

I'm participating in Kate's Kid Book Bash in honor of my amazing friend Katie Dopirak!
If you are in the Pittsburgh area on December 3, 2022, please stop by.

Third, another update:

I've updated my website address, look, and host - YAY!
But in the process, I lost my follower information - Boo!
If you are so inclined, please subscribe below. Thanks!
And if you notice any glitches, spelling errors, or problems with my site, please let me know.

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