Madness! Poetry 2021

This year, for the first time, I participated in Madness! Poetry. It is an NCAA-March-Madness-bracket-style competition in which 64 "authletes" go head to head in a POETRY BATTLE ROYALE. Each pair of writers is given 36-48 hours to write a poem that includes an assigned word.

Madness Poetry logo

I wrote a poem to enter the competition.

I was terrified.

I got in!

I wrote a poem for Round One.

I was terrified.

I won!

I moved on.

I wrote a poem for Round Two.


I won!

I moved on.

I wrote a poem for Round Three.

(Sweet 16- What the what!?!?!)

I was terrified.

And getting pretty tired.

I lost.

I was disappointed, but a few days later, reality set in and I see all the amazing stuff I learned:

  1. Writing is hard
  2. Every word counts
  3. Every character counts
  4. I can do hard things
  5. Just because I "lost" doesn't mean I didn't "win"
  6. Friends are super shiny sparkly gifts
  7. Extra shout out to Jenna Waldman, Rebecca Gardyn Levington, and our rhyming fairy godmother, Lori Degman


The competition is still going strong!

Madness Poetry Bracket

  • Round 4/ Elite 8 voting is today and tomorrow
  • Round 5/ Playoff voting is Thursday and Friday
  • Round 6/ Championship voting is next Monday and Tuesday.

Read, enjoy, share with kids, and vote. Oh and go challenge yourself. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!


And if you enjoyed this competition, please buy the creator and organizer, Ed DeCaria a cup of coffee at:

Ed DeCaria (



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