2017 Halloweensie Contest

Halloweensie Contest

Ok, here we go! I saw this opportunity to stretch my writing skills and kick start my blogging, so I’m going for it! The contest comes from the wonderful Susanna Leonard Hill’s website susannahill.com. The rules are:

  • Halloween story
  • 100 words or less
  • Use some form of the words candy corn, monster, & shadow

For more information, visit: https://susannahill.com/2017/10/27/the-7th-annual-halloweensie-contest-aahhhrrrooooooooo/



Werewolf Trick or Treat (84 words)

The werewolf wore his costume.

His sack jam-packed with treats,

Like candy corn and Snickers,

He couldn’t wait to eat.


But lurking in the forest,

There was a gruesome pack,

Who shot out from the shadows,

To steal the werewolf’s sack.


The werewolf chased the trio,

Down sidewalks and through lawns,

But when he caught up to them,

The candy was all gone.


“You monsters ate my candy!”

His rage began to brew.

“The candy’s in your bellies…

So now I must eat you.”


(Update: I came in 6th!)


59 thoughts on “2017 Halloweensie Contest”

  1. Like stealing candy from a . . . werewolf?! I think natural selection would take care of that pack, even if the werewolf hadn’t caught up. Very clever!

  2. Hey Kelly. I really liked your story! I really loved the first stanza, with its great meter and rhyme. Good luck in the contest.

  3. Eating his meat and dessert at the same time, now that is excellent time management skills, WereWolfie. Cute story. Good luck 🙂

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