Chewbacca Simba Conroy a.k.a. Chewy

We’re in the process of wrapping up summer 2019. It was an amazing summer filled with swimming, baseball, family, and friends. But the most significant occurrence of all was the addition of Chewy.
Yep, we finally got a dog! I’ll admit it. I was the holdout. I thought the majority of the work would fall on me. But boy, oh boy, I am smitten. We all are.

  • Is he a lot of work?
    • yes
  • Does he destroy our furniture?
    • you better believe it
  • Is life better because of him?
    • yes. yes. yes!

He’s teaching me to live in the moment, embrace moderation, and get outside to bark at the cars as much as possible. So I’m going to cut this post short, share a few pictures, and hope you had a wonderful summer too!

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