2021 Valentiny Contest

It's time for the 2021 Valentiny Contest hosted by Susanna Leonard Hill!!!!

Be Brave, My Heart! – The 6th Annual Valentiny Contest Is Here!!! – Susanna Leonard Hill (susannahill.com)

I love her contests! They always push me to try new things.



by Kelly Conroy


Every single holiday,

the monsters host a themed buffet.

Instead of bacon, toast, and eggs,

they munch on kneecaps, arms, and legs.

The youngest monsters cannot wait

to find their seat and grab a plate.

Stomping ‘round to see the choices,

they announce in squeaky voices,

“Rose thorn salad, love-sick broth,

candy eyeballs, glitter froth,

chocolate covered fingertips...”

The other monsters lick their lips.

But Grampa orders à la cart,

“I’ve been craving Cupid’s heart.

It’s V-Day. I deserve a treat.

I heard that boy’s divinely sweet.”

The monsters freeze, and seven gasp.

Aunties Fran and Fern collapse.

This is evil, wrong, and grim.

Someone needs to talk to him.

But no one moves. They all stand still,

afraid to talk to Grampa till-

finally, the silence breaks.

The smallest has the grit it takes,

“Grampa, if you really care,

you'll chop the angel up — and share.”

Kelly Conroy HM Humor

5 thoughts on “2021 Valentiny Contest”

  1. This is delightful, Kelly and so funny. The feast sounds delicious – for monsters, that is. I sure do hope Grampa shares the angel. 🙂

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