2020 Valentiny Contest

Hello everyone!

Susanna Hill is once again hosting her awesome Valentiny Contest. This year, the story must be about curiosity. For rules, details, and a chance to read all of the other amazing entries, please visit:

Here is my entry:


I wonder what they taste like.

The Hug Me heart looks good.

My mommy says, “Don’t eat them.”

My tummy says, I should.

I smell True Love and Kiss Me,

then give Be Mine a lick.

I chew up Smile and Soul Mate…Yuck!

I think I might be sick.

I wonder why they make them,

those pretty hearts I ate,

to give to someone that you love

…or someone that you hate.

I hope you enjoyed and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!


From Susanna Hill!

34 thoughts on “2020 Valentiny Contest”

  1. Very clever! I’ve always like the look of conversation hearts but that chalky consistency and taste … blech! Great job in capturing that!

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