2019 Spring Fling Writing Contest

New contest alert!

This was a lot of fun and I’m definitely going to use this method for inspiration again.

The rules are:

  • Find a springtime gif
  • Write a story about it in 150 words or less
  • For kids

For more information and to read other entries click here.

I hope you enjoy my story!

Willow: The Sprite of Spring

119 words

mischa barton disney GIF

When winter’s almost over

the world looks black and white,

and everyone’s been tucked inside

for far too many nights,


a forest sprite named Willow

emerges from her lair.

She stretches out her fairy wings

and flitters in the air.


She whispers through the treetops,

“It’s time to start the show.”

Then checks on all the sleeping buds

and teaches seeds to grow.


She visits woodland creatures

and gently helps them wake.

Then heats the ground to melt the snow

and thaw the frozen lake.


Now everyone is stirring

and waiting to be fed.

So Willow gathers thunderbolts

and rainclouds overhead.


When wintertime is over,

and life is blooming bright,

it’s all because of Willow –

the springtime forest sprite.



Update: I came in 10th!

33 thoughts on “2019 Spring Fling Writing Contest”

  1. Gorgeous! You’ve written a wonderful fairy tale that evokes the feeling of Spring. Your verse sounds as if it could have been told (or sung) since the dawn of time. The GIF is perfect, too. I love that Willow is not all sweetness and light but also possesses a bit of a dark and stormy undercurrent (just like Spring!). Good luck with the contest. I hope you write a book with a Fairy Sprite for every season.

  2. This is so well done, Kelly! The text pairs beautifully with the GIF, and I love your Willow sprite! Gorgeous language, a wonderful story, and perfect rhythm and rhyme! Good luck!

  3. Kelly this is absolutely gorgeous! I adore the gif and the beautiful story you paired with it describing spring awakening💓

    Thank you so much for entering the contest, and I’m so glad to see it’s an inspirational technique you want to use again😀

    1. Thanks! Yes, this contest gave me a new character, a new technique, and new stories to read! Thanks for creating it!

      1. You’re so welcome! Ciara thought of the idea and I thought, let’s open it to everyone, teamwork is the best. I’m so glad it inspired, that’s why we wanted one. Susanna Hill and Vivian Kirkfield’s contests inspired us so much, we didn’t want to go a season without one. I’m so happy you came up with so many new things, that’s my favorite thing about these contest, each time, I’ve surprised myself with the different characters and situations that came to mind.
        And your gif is so awesome btw!

  4. Great job, Kelly. I you really developed Willow’s character here! And your writing really appealed to the senses.

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