2019 Halloweensie Contest

Woo hoo! It’s one of my favorite times of the year…

Susanna Leonard Hill’s Halloweensie Contest!!!!



The rules:

  • write a Halloween story for kids
  • 100 words or less
  • include the words:
    • potion
    • cobweb
    • trick

For more information and to read all of the spooktacular entries visit: 9th annual Halloweensie Contest

Here is my entry:

Ghost vs. Frankenstein

(98 words)


Each fall, Ghost hatched a ghastly trick.

This year, Spook Potion made stairs slick.

He dripped a dose, then heard a scream.

Frankie slipped and ripped a seam.


Body parts flung all about,

with loads of padding busting out.

Ghost felt bad and called the witches.

They swooped in to mend ripped stitches.


Cobweb stuffing, staples, goo,

fixed up Frankie good as new.

Ghost apologized to Frankie,

while boohooing in his hanky.


“Ghost, I thought you’d catch on faster.

You’re the student. I’m the master.

I predicted what you’d do

and tripped on purpose –

trick’s on you!”



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26 thoughts on “2019 Halloweensie Contest”

  1. Now that was an unexpected ending – and a clever Frankenstein! Great job and good luck!

  2. Kelly, what a fun, fully-developed story, with scenes to visualize, and entertaining lines like “slipped and ripped a seam” and “boohooing in his hanky.” Great entry!

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